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When I am King

When I am King
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There´s no need of words to tell this story!

When I am King is an well designed and hilariously narrated graphic novel. In 2000 it gained international prestige when graphic designer Demian Vogler began his web comic.

Now Jaja has made it into a proper book, presenting a developed and completed story about a king whose loincloth has been eaten by a camel…. and many more strange adventures.

« When I am King is web-native comics at its best; the fact that it looks great in print, too, is a happy surprise! »

Scott McCloud

« When I am King was the first web comic I read. And like a camel in love I still have a crush.»
Joscha Sauer

Formaat 14 x 21,5 cm, 128 pagina’s, kleur, textloos.
Oplage 1000 stuks.

Cover: hardcover
Verschenen: 07-09-2018
Tekenaar: Demian 5
Schrijver: Demian 5
Uitgever: Jaja Verlag