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Tintin and the Americans ( Engelstalig)

Tintin and the Americans ( Engelstalig)
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The recognised authority on the work of Hergé, Philippe Goddin, offers a with this excellent publication a means to explore the genius of the creator. So through personal letters previously unpublished we get to discover the background and passions of Hergé himself.

How his keen interest in the American “Redskins” set the tone for his future adventures. His critical attention to the rejected, the vulnerable, oppressed, the victims of racism and imperialism, all those downtrodden named and unnamed!

Lots to read and beautifully illustrated, about the workings of Hergé’s mind and skilful pen.

Dimensions: 29.7 cm x 21.5 cm

Bound in the Italian format of 240 pages

English Hard cover.

Cover: hardcover
Verschenen: 20-12-2020
Art No.: 9782874244834
Tekenaar: Herge
Schrijver: Philippe Goddin
Uitgever: Editions Moulinsart